Take Wellness to the Next Level

Let us lead the class — so you can be more hands on involved — which is why you got into this in the first place!


Our easy-to-use library is always available —so you’ll never have a cancelled class!


Or if you prefer, turn the room around and use us as your guide to lead new offerings


In-room use is now available and more important than ever before.

Spiro100 Program

Spiro100 Program


Spiro100 is an intuitive website filled with over 100 original expert exercise and mediation classes for your residents …think Netflix for senior wellness. And we are always updating it! Yoga, Exercise Bingo, Dance Moves, Chair Fitness, Drumming and so much more…. It’s all here. Over 30% of our classes are approved for memory care.


Simply connect your laptop to a large screen TV and launch our website.

Next choose:

Level (standing, sitting, supported)

Class Type (mind, body, spirit, memory care)

Pace (slow, medium, fast)

… and the program filters a perfect selection for you!


Because you can’t do it all. No one could. This is your tool to round out current offerings, provide the variety, the consistency, the EXPERT quality and results driven fitness classes that you desire, AFFORDABLY!

We also know that memory care is especially difficult to find programming for. We’re here to help.

Give us 15 minutes and let us show you how easy implementing your program can be

In-Room Availability

senior fitness programming

Bringing Spiro1OO fitness into the room is increasingly important and available to those with their own devices.

For an additional fee, you can provide your residents and prospects access to Spiro1OO in their own room.

Also you can find various Spiro1OO in-room programming through many wonderful providers:

Calendar Ideas

Memory Care

Assisted Living

Independent Living

Fall Prevention

Keeping butts in the seats, not on the floor, is our aim! Fall Prevention Academy is a prescriptive series of exercises shown to reduce falls by 25% in the first 90 days.

Email: info@spiro100.com
Phone: (323)591-0445

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