Coronavirus, which started from the city in China, Wuhan, is now spreading worldwide and has taken a hold on 120 countries. Due to the COVID-19, more than 5,000 people have died up till now, and the death is expecting to increase. However, China has controlled its situation, and other countries are taking specific measures to prevent it from spreading.

But why does the coronavirus even spread in the first place? This virus tends to spread because people don’t take it seriously and don’t avoid gatherings, and exposure to an infected person later increases the number of cases. Now, officials, representatives of countries, and authorities, like the WHO, are spreading awareness. They say that it’s better to stay at home.

Coronavirus tends to affect people who are more than 50 years old. So, it is essential for those people to stay at home, especially if they have any disease or a weak immune system.

Can Gyms Spread the Coronavirus?

The gym is an escape for many people in this busy life. But now, many cities have closed their gyms. As cases of this disease surge in the US, health officials suggest citizens practice social distancing. This is why yoga sessions and spin classes are also dangerous for people. But fitness fanatics say that people need to exercise more at this time to boost their immunity.

According to fitness professionals, a higher level of endorphin can prevent stress responses of your body, which can damage your immune system. Moreover, exercise can reduce stress and anxiety, which the coronavirus is causing and can also put a smile on people’s faces.

But people can’t go to the gym because they have more chances of getting infected. You can get the virus from any exercise machinery or by contacting any person in the gym. The cardiovascular machines, treadmill, rowing machine, stair mill, and other equipment may have germs that can infect you. Some people don’t show symptoms; that’s why you can’t even identify who is infected.

Moreover, a person who is in their 50s has more chances of getting an infection. So exercising at home is much better than going out.

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